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Name: water walking ball(football sttyle)
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NAME:water walking ball
1 The material of the water ball is imported, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, meet the standard of environmental in Europe and the United States. The thickness of the material is TPU 0.8mm & TPU 1.0mm, with hydrolytism and anti-oxidization. Pull and flexibility is much better than other products in this field, which assures a lot of the safety factor. Customer can freely enjoy the great fun of water walking ball.

2 The water walking ball is usually used in the amusement park, it's easy to operate,Pollution-free,and popular.You can rent a ground,no need too big, use it on the water. After people go inside of the ball, inflate it at 85%-90% full, close the zipper quickly, then pull it into the water, the player start enjoy the exciting fun.

3 The water walking ball regular diameter is 2m,the volume can be up to 3cbm, the safe load can be up to 150 KGS. According to the science statistical analysis,one adult needs 15cbm air one day for breath,and the water walking ball can hold 3cbm each time,so it's safe to play inside, the players can enjoy the fun freely which bring by the water walking ball.

4 We have enough samples in stock, we are a professional factory in this industry,welcome to visit our factory,you can test and enjoy the fun of the water walking ball first.

5 We will reply your inquiry within 24 hours. Thanks!

6 The diameter: 2m or 2.5m,you can choose the color and the size,we can also produce by your design.

7 Packing size per ball: 0.90*0.80*0.70m ,meet the export standard, with the repair bag,which has glue, kit material and the manual.

if you are interested in it,please kindly contact us,we will try our best to satisfy your demand !!



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