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Kids Bumper Boat
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After finishing the strain of October, Suzhou FwuLong amusement equipment Co., LTD 

put on our backpack, set out for the IAAPA exhibition in United States.

In the middle of November, the General Manager and some employees attended  the

IAAPA exhibition. Early winter of America smells like that the Christmas is coming, all of

the amusement places are very busy. while the general manager are discussing the

knowledge of amusement equipments with the related professional , they are very happy

and learn from each other actively,so that they forgot the uncomfortable in other place.we

 gain a lot from the IAAPA exhibition, the order increased 20% than last IAAPA,such

achievement again effectively proved  the formidable strength of our company in Today's

society just after the economic recovery.

Kids Train
Water Wheel
Kids Bumper Car
Adults Bumper Car
Paddle Boat
Kids Bumper Boat
Water Walking Ball
Inflatable pool
Inflatable Product
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