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NAMEKids Train

kids train
1-Size: DUDU:130*50*91.5 cm
2-high-speed rail:120*50*83 cm
3-MP3 player, radar reaction


The kids track train has two styles:

DUDU Style

Size: 1305091.5cm GW: 113kg

Shinkansen Style

Size: 1205083cm GW:112kg

Color: 7 colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black

Material: FRP

Load weight: 100kg each

Battery: 24V, 33AH

Motor: 150W

Speed: 2km/h

Radar Set:

1. The train will stop automatically when it scans there are obstructions in front

2. The train will always keep the fixed distance with the front train. If the front train move (stop),

 the train behind will move (stop) too, to keep the fixed distance

Plastic Track: the track is designed by your place size

The track is made by the reinforced plastic which can stand high pressure.

Outer track size: 10055cm

Inner track: outside length is 106cm; inside length is 75cm

Cross track: 50cm

Kids Train
Water Wheel
Kids Bumper Car
Adults Bumper Car
Paddle Boat
Kids Bumper Boat
Water Walking Ball
Inflatable pool
Inflatable Product
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